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Nine Brains is a hospitality-focused creative and investment firm devoted to elevating the experience of hotel, resort, and private club real estate.

We design experiences that reinvigorate the human spirit and take people back to what is fundamentally important in order to replenish and improve. We know that the greatest value comes from the truest, most honest connections.

“Give experience your energy and like any living process it divides and grows. The deliberate wish to "live" takes over from the day-to-day accident formerly called life.”
– Mark Greif

Investment & Development

We target existing value-add hotels in major cities and proven resort destinations, and special-situation development opportunities. We look to apply our unique creative and management experience to generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

“It takes forming a relationship with a place to imagine a future there. And, nothing generates brand love like moving the human spirit. That is what transforms a guest into an advocate, creating enduring value for a venture, outpacing any other predictor of a project’s success.”


Nine Brain's works with select experientially-driven companies and real estate projects. Our team can shape to address specific challenges including corporate strategy, placemaking & on-site operations, and comprehensive creative and marketing programs.

“Why do people go to these destinations in the first place? The adventure thing has gotten twisted, it’s a relative term. Meaningful, memorable experiences are different. They build an affinity that only such an experience can create. And they turn a repeat guest into a perspective real estate buyer.”

Kumu Nui

Kumu Nui is Nine Brain's first travel concept. We create once-in-a-lifetime experiences rooted in adventure and exploration, guided by world-class outdoorsmen. Kumu-Nui.com

“Kumu nui - The great source. The point of origin. The true foundation.”

James Evans
Investments, Creative Direction
Thibert Lussiaa
Experiential Marketing, Operations
Sam Ainslie
Development Strategy
Erika Alm
Real Estate Sales & Marketing
Max Yarawamai
Greg Warner
Architecture & Design
Raimana Van Bastolaer
Omar Sosa
Art Direction, Design


The Nine Brains team has worked across the real estate and hospitality spectrum in addition to branding, advertising, and magazines.
Project Development
Kukio Golf and Beach Club
Four Seasons Resort Hualalai
Kona Village, a Rosewood Resort
Kohanaiki Private Club Community
Nanea Golf Club
The Brando
Kelly Slater Surf Ranch
Makena Golf & Beach Club
Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club
Eldorado Country Club
Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club
Princeville at Hanalei
Ventana Golf and Racquet Club
Bali Golf and Country Club
Creative Direction
Carolina Herrera
Calvin Klein
Jean Paul Gaultier
Paco Rabanne
Michael Anastassiades
Patricia Urquiola
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James Evans, Co-founder

Investments, Creative Direction

James Evans loves the perspective and learning that come from exploring places, and he sees an opportunity to shift the hospitality industry in a direction that’s better for people and that drives economic success. “I believe creative leverage is the most powerful type of leverage today—more so than financial or other historical systems of creating opportunity, because if we capture someone’s heart, that generates more long term value than any sales tactic can.”

Evans has an international perspective—shaped in part by his travels, time spent living in Colombia, and working extensively in Hawaii—and a background that bridges brand creation, hospitality, development, and institutional investment.

Before founding Nine Brains, Evans was vice president at Kennedy Wilson (NSE: KW) where he oversaw the US retail portfolio and asset managed the firm's resort and private club developments on the Big Island of Hawaii. Previously, Evans was the chief operating officer of a Colombia-based hotel and development firm that included The Charlee hotel brand.

Thibert Lussiaa, Co-founder

Experiential Marketing, Operations

“What is your purpose, what is your strength?” Adventure, accomplishment, connection with nature—Thibert Lussiaa creates the intangible magic that open peoples hearts to the unknown and fuels their souls. Born in Tahiti and recognized as one of the top paddlers in the world, Lussiaa’s love of the ocean and outdoor sports has informed his wide-ranging hospitality roles at premier private club projects. His remarkably motivating influence extends heartfelt connection and a culture of wellness to staff and guests, building bonds to places and people. Lussiaa’s world is one of magical experiences.

Sam Ainslie, Advisor

Development Strategy

When those in the know think of the exemplar of luxury real estate development, Sam Ainslie surely comes to mind. His 25-year tenure in the development industry includes deep experience in resorts, golf courses, and residential real estate, in some of the world’s finest locations. A world traveler and triathlete, Ainslie has an unparalleled ability to connect with people’s hearts and souls and nurture their talents. He believes that the essence of what people want in their lives is meaningful, challenging, experiences. Despite his history of professional accomplishment, Ainslie reflects: “It is play, more than anything else, that has shaped my life.”

Erika Alm, Advisor

Real Estate Sales & Marketing

Erika Alm has established an international track record, leading sales efforts on behalf of some of the most renowned resort and private club developments around the globe. What keeps her passionate, though, is the value she brings to clients when a project is not just a transaction, but a chance for them to transform. “It's amazing the impact you can have by bringing someone out of their comfort zone and into a new place, whether a location, a connection to a person or community, or a state of mind. I have seen that happen in resort developments and it’s pretty powerful. People have a tremendous capacity for growth.” Alm has shown that when you find the connection between the spirit of the client and the spirit of the project, the real estate follows.

Max Yarawamai, Advisor

As co-founder and managing partner of Resort Management Group, Max has a vast and diverse landscaping and agricultural background in Hawaii spanning three decades. His tremendous experience in farming and nursery operations coupled with his landscape construction expertise makes him one of the most respected contractors in the industry. Originally from Ulithi Atoll in Micronesia, he has lived in Hawaii for over 30 years.

Born a chief’s son, he learned the art of navigating from atoll to atoll from his father, who was functionally blind. At the age of 13, Max’s life was transformed when he moved to Hawaiʻi to attend the prestigious Hawaiʻi Preparatory Academy. In 1980, Max met the legendary Mau Piailug — the master navigator who taught Hawaiians to re-learn the traditional science of non-instrument, trans-Pacific voyaging. Hailing from the neighboring atoll of Satowal, Piailug adopted the young Micronesian as his right-hand man in Hawaiʻi, launching Max’s trajectory as a master at sighting islands on the horizon.

Greg Warner, Advisor

Architecture & Design

For three decades, Greg Warner has honed an approach to architecture and placemaking that melds a modernist sensibility with warmth, texture, and an intuitive sensitivity to context. As Warner notes, “There is no such thing as a site with ‘nothing there.’ There are always overlays—sacred things like mountains, water, salt—and cultural, regional and environmental concerns.” A co-founder of Walker Warner Architects, with projects throughout the Western United States and Hawaii, Warner has been recognized globally for his superlative design work.

Raimana Van Bastolaer, Advisor


When the world’s best surfers hope to find themselves deep in the epically heavy barrel of Teahupoʻo, Tahiti, it’s Raimana’s judgment that they trust. Representing the truth of his home break and Tahitian culture is a calling that Raimana has ridden to renown, hosting surf pros like Kelly Slater, Laird Hamilton, and John John Florence; actors like Julia Roberts; and entire film crews looking for the perfect ocean action shot. “It’s not just the waves, it’s not just the surfing,” Raimana, in his French-accented mirth, told Surfer Magazine in 2015. “People can go find waves all over, cold, warm, crowded, empty, whatever. But how we host people." The true magic of Raimana lies in that role of host - how to make people feel welcome and grounded when they're searching for something still unfound.

Omar Sosa, Advisor

Art Direction, Design

Art director, editor and publisher Omar Sosa has more than 15 years of experience in the world of design. As a co-founder of Apartamento—which The New York Times has called “the design movement’s official international look book”—he rejected the idealized representation of elegant spaces in favor of images that communicate the beautiful imperfection of real life. Sosa is the co-founder of Apartamento Studios, a design consultancy with offices in Barcelona and New York City. Sosa’s expertise includes art direction, branding, creative strategy, digital, environmental design, and publishing. Clients of Apartamento Studios are global design, media, fashion, and beauty brands including A.P.C., Burberry, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Clinique, Condé Nast, Diesel, Flos, Jean Paul Gaultier, Iittala, Loewe, Nike, Poliform, Rimowa, and Vitra.